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The above photo was taken at lake Reisenji in Iizuna.  It is less than a mile from the Nook Lodge.



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            The Nook Lodge B&B or as known in Japan as “Pension” is in Iizuna Japan, located in Nagano Prefecture.  We chose this name because it is tucked away in a corner of a cozy cul de sac.  Iizuna ski resort is less than a minutes’ drive from our location, or if you prefer to walk it’s about 10 minutes away.  There is also a golf course, tennis court, dog-run, Nordic walking course, and Onsen (hot spring and restaurant) nearby where you can also enjoy fishing in Lake Reisenji.  There are many activities located in and around Iizuna for you to enjoy. 


Per night stay

(per person)

5,000 yen with breakfast

7,000 yen with breakfast and dinner

There may be a heating fee of 500 yen

4 night stay 10% discount

We're taking extra-precaution for prevention of covid-19 

Before arriving, please check your health condition.  If you have any symptoms like covid-19, you can not stay in.  Thank you for your understanding and corporation. 

       Please ask us when you make a reservation!




We offer free complimentary WiFi to our guest, there is no charge added to your bill. Please see the front desk for login and password.

Daily Housekeeping

To help us be more conscientious of our environment, bedding will be replaced upon request. Thank you for your understanding


Our Meals will be based on seasonal produce so that we can be sure that our customers are getting the freshest and tastiest meals. If there is any food that you are allergic to, please let us know while booking.

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    We would like to share some of the music that is listened to at the Nook Lodge by us and our customers.  Playlist bought to you by Ulu Tron  (Please subscribe) 



    Here are a few activities in the area that can be visited


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